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An exciting start to the season!

With the start of the 2024 robotics season, a lot of excitement is going around. the team has a lot to be happy about right now and we hope to continue this momentum.

This is the first year we're using Swerve Drive! Since we didn't make districts last year, we had enough funds to purchase SDS Mk4i units, and we're currently testing our chassis. We hope to have the Swerve drive coded soon so we can move on to our device for this year.

Our space has expanded as well. We have access to a new shop, quality 3D printers, and an elevator, all thanks to Park's new STEM wing. We've already seen the benefits of these resources, and hope to use 3D printed parts on this year's robot.

We're focusing more on sponsors. Pizza Blitz of Quarry Lake is our newest sponsor, and we thank them for their support. We hope to gain more sponsors and increase outreach, as this will allow us more freedom to build the robot how we want.

Speaking of outreach and community, we hosted an FTC competition in December for the first time, which went well and was tons of fun.

Overall, there's a lot to be excited about this year. We hope to carry this momentum through the season and emerge with a competitive robot. Members of the team have agreed to shave their heads if we make it to worlds, so everyone has some extra motivation to perform well.

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