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1719 Reel gains 700K+ views on Instagram

Our design of our gripper intake is turning heads on Insta. Thanks to Conveyor and Automation who donated a Festo radial gripper DHRS to our project, we had a successful intake early on which we posted to our 1719 reels. We had no idea that the video would go viral when we posted it on January 28th, but it's popularity continues to grow. You can check out our reel here.

Since then, the team has been working on the various parts of the robot to compliment the gripper prototype. They have built an extendable arm on which the intake will be mounted, completed the chassis, and worked on the programming to run all of this complex equipment. Additionally, mentors Ross and Ty have built the field elements which will be extremely helpful in practice by the drive team once the robot is ready.

Overall, everything is coming together and we are looking forward to our first competition on March 17-19th in Alexandria, VA!

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